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I Want To Employ

Step-by-step Guides

1. Please select "Employ" from the menu on
2. Click on "I WANT TO EMPLOY" button. You will be directed to our virtual education and jobs platform -
3. Click "Sign Up For Free" if you want to sign up with your email address or "Facebook Sign Up" if you want to sign up with your Facebook account.
4. Please complete the form to sign up.
5. You will receive a confirmation and instruction to login on the page after signed up.
6. If this is the first time you logged in, you will be asked to sign up as aN EMPLOYER. Please choose "I want to Employ".
7. Please fill in the form to complete your registration.
Upon registration, you will be directed to the page to add new jobs.
8. To add a new job, please click on the "New Job" button.
9. Please enter all the information about the job. You may edit the information later. Once you are satisfied with the information entered, click on "Save" button.
10. You will receive a message to confirm the job has been added. Click "Back" button to see it.
11. Now you can see the job that you just added on the page. Click on the "Person" button as shown in the image below to see the list of jobseekers on the platform including those who have applied for your job.
12. You can view all the users registered as jobseekers on the platform. A button labelled "applied" is shown besides the names of the jobseekers who have applied for your job. To view the details of the jobseekers, please click on the blue button as shown in the image below.
You will be directed to the page showing the details of the jobseeker. You may contact them directly. We are working on the feature to allow employers to contact and arrange interviews with the jobseekers on the platform. Thank you very much.
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